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    4 Days Marsabit, Chalbi Desert and Samburu

    Marsabit County, located in Northern Kenya, is one of the richest in natural minerals, with a unique topography and rare wildlife niche.  The Chalbi Desert in Marsabit – a small desert in northern Kenya, situated near the border with Ethiopia.

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    From the City of Cold Waters Via the Mombasa Island to Bongo and finally to The spicy island of Zanzibar , a land of pristine beaches and vibrant Swahili culture that provides a welcome contrast to the hot and dusty safari parks of mainland Tanzania. We shall create a City and Beach fusion just to break off the bustling hustle!

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  • 7 Days Kenya Adventure Safari

    The tour offers lots of scope to include optional activities which really ensure that you get the most out of your safari holiday in Kenya. Spoton Vacations gives you this chance to experience one of Kenya`s greatest Bush Safari Tour. Enjoy!

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    Dubai 5 Days Holiday Packages

    Dubai is a must-see holiday destination with something for everyone. From shopping enthusiasts and adventure-seekers to foodies and families, this bustling city has an eclectic mix of destinations and places to suit all tastes.

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    Dubai Rugby Sevens Packages

    Dubai’s biggest and most loved sporting event turns 50 in 2019! The Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens is a true highlight of Dubai’s sporting calendar; every year top rugby teams from across the world take to the field to compete

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    Dubai Shopping Festival

    Dubai’s malls and shopping destinations come to life during the annual Dubai Shopping Festival, where shoppers will find unbeatable deals on everything from fashion and jewellery to electronics and accessories.

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    Egypt and Israel Pilgrimage Tour

    There’s only one place in the world where every direction you look and every step you take, you find beauty, reveal meaning and connect with your spiritual roots.We believe that once you visit Israel, you’ll never be the same again!
    Welcome to walk where Jesus walked, where he preached, lived, and performed miracles!!!

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  • Europe Holiday Packages

    Europe, which is the sixth largest continent in the world is well recognized for its scenic beauty, beautiful architecture and diversity. Europe consists of some of the most visited tourist attractions and also some of the best places to eat. Undoubtedly it is the best continent to spend a blissful vacation. Who wouldn’t want to spend vacations in such a beautiful and diverse continent? Want to spend your vacations in Europe, but puzzled on which destinations to visit to make the best out of your precious vacations?

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  • Greece Santorini Holiday Packages

    Santorini is considered to be the most sought after place for a romantic getaway in Greece, since there are not many places in the world where you can enjoy exquisitely clear waters while perched on the rim of a massive active volcano in the middle of the sea! The island has a growing reputation as a “wedding destination” for couples not only from Greece but from all over the world.

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    Maasai Mara Holiday Packages

    Masai Mara Game Reserve – Kenya’s most popular park and home to the wildebeest animal migration-The Wildebeest Migration, is one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World” and also known as The World Cup of Wildlife. .

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  • Maldives Holiday Package

    Welcome to the Maldives, where sands are white as the smiles of the locals, where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the weather is a dream, and the deep rays of the sun wait to engulf you their arms.

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    Mauritius Holiday Packages

    This island paradise of white sandy beaches and translucent waters is a year round destination of unique charm. Mauritius is one of the world’s top luxury tourism destinations. It possesses a wide range of natural and man-made attractions, enjoys a tropical climate with clear warm sea waters, attractive beaches. Mauritius is a fantastic place, only its name in our head creates images of pleasure, luxury, extravagance.

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    Mombasa Holiday Packages

    Mombasa, a melting pot of languages and cultures from all sides of the Indian Ocean, waits like an exotic dessert for travellers who make it to Kenya’s coastline.

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  • New York Holiday Packages

    New York City offers a holiday as diverse as its residents. In ‘the city that never sleeps’, tourists can have the best in food and entertainment at their fingertips. The largest city in the U.S. is also one of the world’s most energetic. From a night in a museum to a street-food festival, this metropolis has it all..

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    Seychelles Holiday Packages

    The Seychelles islands are so much more than sun, sea and sand..The islands of the Seychelles offer an irresistible invitation to those who have dreamed of visiting paradise. This archipelago of 115 islands lies in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, just four degrees south of the Equator.

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    South Africa Holiday Packages

    South Africa is blessed with spectacular scenery and natural landscapes – soaring mountain peaks and passes, dense and ancient forests, miles of unspoiled coastline, rivers to sooth or thrill you, and rolling flower fields and grasslands of every hue. Places to be still, places to inspire you, places to explore or to simply revel in the joyous gift of nature.

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