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  • Bali Holiday Packages

    Bali is a holiday destination popular the world over for its golden beaches, rich culture, heritage and history as well as its beautiful weather and friendly people. With a range of destinations that suit young visitors looking to party and the more serious travellers looking to soak up the fascinating culture and distinctive artwork, there are Bali holiday packages to suit everyone.

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    China Canton Fair Packages

    Canton Fair is the largest trade show in the World held in Guangzhou-China. If you wish to venture into serious import business The Canton Fair is a MUST ATTEND to meet directly with worldwide factory exporter’s coz the trade event exhibits over 150,000 kinds of quality Chinese products and overseas commodities from all over the world. The CANTON FAIR IS EVERY APRIL AND OCTOBER and it’s done in 3 phases.

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    Thailand Holiday Packages

    Discover the incredible sights of top city and beautiful islands of Thailand Beaches Thailand´s cities offer visitors a fascinating look into its rich cultural heritage. Incredible historical sites abound and many of its cities are home to stunning temples as well as bustling night markets as old and new seamlessly mix together.

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